Our Core Values

conduct all business with Integrity

Decency, fairness and trustworthiness are words to describe integrity. Internally at X-Anna Inc.,we feel this is the most important core value in any business. Integrity is who you are as a person!  We know each individual person helps grow the integrity corporate culture. X-Anna Inc. is proud of our team who has grown a company with integrity at the core of our daily method of operation.

We Pursue Excellence

X-Anna Inc. strives for excellence and we understand that excellence is accomplished by each task being done with quality and skill, in the smallest of details. Excellence, we know is made up of little parts that come together, each small task done with high caliber will always produce excellence. 

We Practice Honesty

X-Anna Inc’s success has a great deal to do with our integrity and within integrity is honesty. We believe honesty creates trust in communication, internally  we strive everyday to be honest with our staff, coworkers and clients. It’s just what we do.

We are committed to Quality Work

X-Anna Inc. has an eye for quality work. Our experience has shown us that quality work is vital to any project. Every project has stages, each stage follows the previous, so the value of quality work makes it on our corporate core value list and again relies on integrity.